Queen Elizabeth II's signature features on limited-edition £5 coins for the first time

 According to the illustrator, her signature is "symbolic", "an instrument of state" and "her personal promise and commitment"

As part of Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee celebrations, celebrating her unprecedented 70 years on the throne, a new collection of coins featuring her signature has been unveiled.

Celebrating The Queen‘s ‘sense of duty to a global family of nations’, Royal Mint — the company that developed these coins — said that it is the first UK coin collection to feature her signature in detail.

It has a new, flag-themed reverse design by artist and illustrator PJ Lynch.

“To celebrate Her Majesty’s incredible reign, we are delighted to unveil a unique collection which features her signature on all three coins for the first time.

The Royal Mint coin collection consists of three designs. One coin focuses on the Queen’s awards and honours, another highlights the monarch’s work with charities and as a patron and the third celebrates the Commonwealth.

 According to the company, the prices range from £13 to £2,865.

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