Edward Snowden Says Use Crypto, Don't Invest in It

 Edward Snowden, a famous whistleblower, and president of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, sees more value in cryptocurrencies in their use than as an investment.

In 2013, bitcoin is what I used to pay for the servers pseudonymously," Snowden said Saturday in a virtual appearance

He gained fame in 2013 when he leaked classified information on the National Security Agency's surveillance of U.S. citizens.

Snowden also defended the crypto industry in the face of criticism earlier this month by a group of tech experts who knocked cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in a letter to U.S. lawmakers to counter the industry's lobbying efforts.

Snowden said he believes the signatories were deliberately misunderstanding the crypto industry, recycling a number of the same legacy arguments that have been made repeatedly in the past.

Snowden did express admiration for cryptographer Bruce Schneier, who was one of the lead signatories of the letter, for his work on cryptography.

Snowden described many of the people who signed the letter as "prolific public trolls."

Snowden was charged by the U.S. with espionage and given asylum in Russia following his leak in 2013. He was granted permanent residency rights there in 2020.

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